Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing

Dan Ariely
Duke University
Rory Sutherland
Ogilvy Group
Sam Tatam
Ogilvy UK
Matej Sucha

What’s this course about

Learn what makes your customers tick and how you can use it to achieve your business goals. Faster and more efficiently. 


By applying tested and proven findings from Behavioral Economics and Psychology. Findings on how your customers think, feel and decide — and what you can do to influence them.

Who’s it for?

This course is for you if:

This course might completely change how you think of marketing — and the results you get.

Why “Behavioral Economics” in marketing?

Simply put, behavioral economics is an entirely practical field about how people make decisions and what drives their behavior. It gives you the tools to understand, predict and influence them.

As long as you do your business with humans, you will forever benefit from this knowledge.

Thanks to this course, you will learn:

Who are your instructors?

In this course you get access to some of the highest-paid Behavioral Economics experts in the world today. And their combined expertise, experience and skills which they’ve spent decades to acquire, test and perfect — while shaping buying decisions for some of the biggest companies out there.

These are your instructors:

Dan Ariely

Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, Duke University

The most famous behavioral economist in the world and best-selling author of books on how irrational we are, what motivates us and what makes your customers tick.

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman,
Ogilvy Group UK

One of the most influential figures in modern marketing and a pioneer in the use of psychology and behavioral economics in marketing, with extensive experience of working for the world’s biggest brands.

Sam Tatam

Behavioral Strategy Director,
Ogilvy Consulting UK.

Award-winning strategist, psychologist and advertising practitioner who develops interventions and shapes communication for some of the world’s most Influential brands and organisations .

Matej Sucha

Founder and CEO,
MINDWORX Behavioral Consulting.

Recognized speaker and expert in applying behavioral economics and consumer psychology in business, with notable expertise in working with both large corporates and SMBs.

What you get in the course

Step-by-step guidelines on how to come up with solutions you wouldn’t otherwise think of. The whole course package consists of the following:

7.5 hours
of video lectures

The core format and basis for the whole course. Each video is crammed full of valuable, instantly applicable info from 4 world-class experts.

350+ pages of additional material

Custom-created for this course. It summarizes the key content and adds a wealth of valuable information — including useful tips and fun facts which add depth and richness to your understanding of BE.


Set of guiding questions related to each principle which will provide tremendous help in coming up with solutions you wouldn’t otherwise think of — and which can significantly change the results you get.

Full ADAPT framework

Step-by-step framework, which has only been available through in-person consulting with Mindworx. It has been tested in dozens of real-world projects and presented in over 110 workshops and presentations.

Official course certificate

Another way to highlight your new skills (and signal your upgraded worth to your clients, customers, colleagues and bosses), issued upon completing the course.

On top of that, you get a lifetime access so you can learn anywhere, anytime — and our 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

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Course content in detail

The 7,5 hours of content are divided into 8 chapters.
Each chapter contains several video lectures accompanied by written handouts.

How to get the most out of the course?

The handouts contain tons of additional info directly linked to the video lectures, so it’s best to have the video fresh in mind.
After you’ve viewed (and re-viewed) the video lectures, you can return to the handouts any time. They will help you refresh, deepen and enhance your understanding and thus your ability to apply your newfound knowledge correctly.

Both video lectures and handouts are carefully crafted:

This is how you extract the most from the course.

Here are the 8 chapters:

What is BE and why does it matter for marketers?

More and more, marketing and communication are becoming a science. A science about what makes customers tick, how they behave and make decisions. Here, Rory will explain why marketers must learn about behavioral economics and why standard approaches to marketing and advertising are slowly dying.

Full of surprising examples, astonishing case studies and eye-opening insights, all wrapped in Rory’s unmistakable sense of humor.

A - Analyse the decision-making context

Matej will talk about the most common mistakes marketers make when they approach a project. He will give you the necessary tools to discover why customers aren’t doing what you want them to do.

Step-by-step he’ll take you through the process of analyzing the decision-making context. This crucial part must be made before you start coming up with ideas. Otherwise all the efforts and solutions you come up with might be in vain. Which would be rather unfortunate. Especially since there is a better way.

D - Drivers of behavior

You’ll learn powerful, scientifically proven behavioral tools which will enable you to change the behavior and decisions of your customer.

Matej will talk about surprising psychological principles which all clients were astonished to learn. He’ll share how unimportant it might be to talk about the benefits of your product or how simply changing the order of information you give can work wonders.

He’ll also unveil how they used these principles to boost conversion by 132%, increase the effectiveness of a campaign by 55% or how they improved CTRs by 57%. Not half bad, actually!

The main principles you’ll master are Uncertainty, Perceived Effort, Reciprocity, Social Proof and Loss Aversion.

A - Choice architecture

Sam will explore one of the most powerful ways to shape the behavior of your customer — changing choice architecture. The way the decision-making process is built, choices are presented and when you attract people’s attention is crucial.

Sam will talk about a tiny change on a website which brought 300 million in revenues. He’ll explain why more choice for customers can be literally deadly for your business and what to do about it. You’ll also find out how increasing friction for your customers can be a surprising goldmine.

We’ll cover the following concepts: Choice Overload, Defaults, Friction and Salience.

P - Perception of price and product

Dan will explain that people don’t know how much they are willing to pay for products or services and what power that gives you. You’ll see that customers cannot evaluate prices and offers in a vacuum, that’s why the context is crucial.

You’ll get powerful tools which can be used to change the decision-making context and thus the perception of prices, products and fairness of your offers.

You’ll be astonished to find out that customers might be happier if they wait longer, that a random number can make them pay more or that an irrelevant offer which no one chooses can be a game-changer.

The concepts you’ll learn from Dan are Fairness, Middle Option, Anchoring, Power of Free and Decoy.

T - Test and iterate

The last letter of the ADAPT framework talks about the last essential step on your way to designing solutions which really work.

It’s tough to predict which of your ideas will work best. Behavioral economics gives you the tools to create amazing solutions, but only testing them will clearly show which one is the winner.

Matej will explain how you should test, who to test on and what to do with the results.

Marketing tools

More and more of marketing is done online and you need great marketing tools to help you gather data, discover your customers’ behavior patterns and give you insights into which of the solutions you designed work and which don’t.

In this last chapter you’ll get our advice on some of the tools you should use. We travelled around the world to meet the people behind these tools and they will unveil how they work and what amazing value they can bring to you. Heartily recommended.

Case studies

At this point you’ll have learned all the powerful behavioral principles and will have mastered the ADAPT framework. So the best way to end this course is to show you how we — your 4 lecturers — have used all of it to solve specific challenges.

In this part you’ll hear 11 case studies where Dan, Rory, Sam and Matej used behavioral insights in product design, direct mail campaigns, website optimization, behavior change and more.
There’s nothing quite like seeing all that knowledge applied and working in a real-life context. This part provides both loads of inspiration as well as a great context to help you absorb the lessons and use them correctly in your own practice.



Why you should NOT take this course?

Please don’t take this course if you’re after quick-fix marketing tricks and gimmicks. You’ll not find them here.

What you’ll find are practical, proven and science-based principles about what drives your customers’ behavior and shapes their decisions. It’s all been field-tested and is carefully presented for easy understanding and fast application.

Is it worth my time and money?

What if taking this course was the reason why you’ll get the marketing job you always wanted or you land the big you’ve been dreaming about?
What if one insight from the course helped you increase the conversions on your website by 60 — 70 %?

How much is all that worth?

And consider this: just to hear any of the course experts at a conference, you’re looking at a couple of hundred dollars per ticket.
Or try to get one of them as your business consultant (good luck with that) — the rates climb to a couple of hundred $ per hour.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to take this course. But if you do, it will make you different from the rest of marketers. Better.

Did we mention there is a full 30 day money back guarantee? Why? We truly believe in this course.

How can I apply the course in my everyday marketing practice?

Anywhere you communicate with your customers and need to influence their decision the insights from the course will be useful.

The course will help in the following (and more):
Landing page conversion optimisation, copywriting, effective pricing, sales materials and campaigns design, direct marketing, lead generation, product design.

Simply put you will know what to say and how to say it so that it works.


Lifetime access — Learn at your own pace — full 30 day money back guarantee

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Complete course

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